Young Tigers Foundation, Inc. is a direct response to the growing number of youth “falling through the cracks” at schools or are entangled in the juvenile system. In 2001, students age 12 through 18, fell victims to about 161,000 serious crimes at school and about 290,000 away from school; about 6% of the students carried a weapon such as a knife or club, onto school property and 16 school associated homicides were against school age children by street gangs in those schools.

Today, more than 200 Delinquency Prevention Programs exist in Florida. these programs serve more than 75,000 youth annually, while 100,000 are arrested annually. A number of these programs offer sports, but none offer the extensive range or infrastructure of our staff.

Our Sports Program consists of 3 different arts of hand to hand combat that are very popular in the sports arena. these include Western Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts. These are performed in a team oriented program in a family atmosphere where proper behavior, respect, and compassion are learned. This teaches the values that make an individual a quality citizen in the community.